Saturday, October 31, 2015

Activity 10 - Summarising the Postgraduate Learning Journey and planning for the future.

What an adventure.

From hands on activities to the thousands of words uploaded for assessment tasks.  It has been a long journey.  It is also started the next course of my planning.

There are 12 practicing criteria in e-Learning which is divided into two groups.

1- Professional relationships and professional values.
Criteria 4 - Demonstrate commitment to ongoing professional learning and development of professional personal practice. (Practicing Teacher Criteria and eLearning)
This course has made me reflect on my teaching practice more in the last 32 weeks than in the whole of my 20 year career.  I was asked to reflect on my leadership qualities and make comments.  I was asked to collaborate on assessment tasks with colleagues, and I was asked to develop new programmes which would integrate collaborative tools in my practice.

2- Professional knowledge in practice.
Criteria 6 - Conceptualise, plan, and implement an appropriate learning programme.
It has been this practicing criteria in e-Learning that I have made the most changes. AND I will continue to change to fit the ever changing dynamics of the students in my class.  I have moved into a more student directed learning programme in our Modern Learning Environment.  This has seen me create assessment tasks online for students to have in real time.
Project-Based and Collaborative learning gives the students the opportunity to learn collaboratively.  Students are beginning to learn that there is merit in working as a team and that every member of the team has a part to play in the collaborative work.

Although the course, classes and drop in meetings may be over the learning, leading and changing has not.


Ministry of Education. (2013). Registered Teacher Criteria and e-learning. Retrieved November 2, 2015, from    Enabling e-Learning:  learning

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